Physicians Health Plan: Coverage, Costs, and Benefits

Physicians Health Plan (PHP) is your go-to solution for comprehensive health insurance coverage. With a focus on quality care and an expansive network of nearly 10,000 providers, PHP ensures you and your family are well-taken care of.

Physicians Health Plan (PHP) has been a cornerstone of healthcare in Michigan for over four decades. Founded by visionary physicians, the plan has grown to become a trusted health insurance provider, backed by renowned health systems like Michigan Medicine and Covenant HealthCare.

Whether you’re a resident of Michigan or just visiting, PHP offers robust coverage options that ensure you’re well-taken care of. With a commitment to quality and an expansive network of healthcare providers, PHP stands as a reliable choice for individuals and families in Michigan and beyond.

Physicians Health Plan Provider Phone Number

Need to talk to someone? The PHP customer service is just a phone call away. Reach out to them at 517.364.8400 or 800.562.6197 for any queries or concerns.

Physicians Health Plan Providers: Your Choices

When it comes to healthcare, having options is crucial, and Physicians Health Plan (PHP) understands that. With an expansive network that includes nearly 10,000 healthcare providers, PHP offers you the freedom to choose the medical professionals who best suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a primary care physician, a specialist, or even telehealth services, PHP’s diverse range of providers ensures that you have access to quality care whenever you need it. The plan’s flexibility means you don’t need a referral to see in-network specialists, giving you more control over your healthcare journey

Physicians Health Plan Cost

PHP offers both on-exchange and off-exchange plans. The cost varies depending on the type of plan you choose, but rest assured, PHP aims to provide affordable options for everyone.

Physicians Health Plan Provider Portal

The Physicians Health Plan (PHP) Provider Portal serves as a one-stop shop for healthcare providers to manage various aspects of patient care and administrative tasks. This user-friendly platform allows providers to submit claims, update patient records, and access important documents, all in a secure online environment.

The portal is designed to streamline the workflow for healthcare professionals, making it easier to focus on what matters most—providing quality care to patients.

With features that simplify administrative tasks and enhance communication between providers and the insurance network, the PHP Provider Portal is an invaluable tool for any healthcare provider participating in the PHP network

Physicians Health Plan Indiana

Although PHP originated in Michigan, their coverage extends to other states, including Indiana. This ensures that you’re covered even when you’re away from home.

Physicians Health Plan Pay Bill: Payment Options

PHP offers various payment methods, including online payments through their member portal. This makes it easy for you to manage your bills.

Physicians Health Plan Login and Log In

You can easily access your account through the PHP member portal. Whether you want to make a payment or check your coverage, the portal has it all.


Physicians Health Plan offers a comprehensive range of health insurance plans that cater to individual and family needs. With a focus on quality care and an expansive network of providers, PHP is a reliable choice for your healthcare needs.


What is the Physicians Health Plan?

Physicians Health Plan is a health insurance provider that offers a range of plans for individuals and families. It is backed by leading health systems in Michigan.

How can I contact PHP for queries?

You can contact PHP at 517.364.8400 or 800.562.6197 for any queries or concerns.

What types of plans does PHP offer?

PHP offers both on-exchange and off-exchange plans, providing comprehensive coverage options for individuals and families.

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